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Weather at Humberside Airport

Current Weather from Humberside Airport

The information displayed on this page is from the METAR reports produced by Humberside Airport. Note that there are times when these are not generated.

Weather Report

Coded Weather Report: 2021/01/26 21:20 EGNJ 262120Z AUTO 20015KT 5000 BR BKN003/// OVC006/// 03/03 Q1008 RERA

Report issued: 2021/01/26 at 21:20 UTC

Weather: Code: AUTO
Wind: moderate breeze from the south (200 degrees) at 15 knots (17 mph, 28 kph, Force 4)
Visibility: 5000 metres
Weather: mist
Cloud: broken at 300 feet
Cloud: overcast at 600 feet
Temperature: 3 C
Dewpoint: 3 C
Humidity: 100%
Pressure: 1008 hPa
Weather: recent rain